A Brief Manifesto

I have lost patience with incremental “progress,” with “it used to be so much worse” (whether that It means racism, sexism, homophobia, younameit). I am tired of any social change that asks the same people to be understanding and patient about their own unmet needs, over and over and over — cuz political strategy requires attending to these other folks’ needs over here first, doncha see??

When keeping my expectations “reasonable” means always leaving the same groups at the back of the line — when it means accepting that there is a “back of the line” at all — I declare myself done. I am not interested in any progress not grounded in full acknowledgment of the radical humanity of us all.

Anytime I hear someone make an incremental argument regarding an issue of human rights.

2 thoughts on “A Brief Manifesto

  1. YES! We are all humans, and we’re more alike than we are different. Though I use them myself, I hate labels of any kind. I feel like pigeonholing only serves to divide. You’ll never catch me saying I’m “color blind” to race or anything like that because I think it’s a ridiculous statement. However, I do think that we humans need to work to see past and hopefully, eventually, maybe just entirely erase labels identifying race, gender, age, whatever…

    I’ve recently noticed that when sizing up a person I’ve just met, the first thing I notice is how they are different from me. What is that?


    1. I find labels can be useful, as long as I remember they are only lenses and never the thing itself. Precisely because human beings are so much more alike than they are different, even very small differences can come to matter very much and deserve to be acknowledged. I am much more comfortable sharing similarities with someone once I’m sure they recognize and respect all the ways we are *not* alike — the ways that make us each our own unique and individual selves.


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