this unfunny feminist endorses: Confused Cats Against Feminism


Having realized recently just how much of my blogging is angry–a hands-shaking, rip-my-eyeballs-out kind of angry (or, as one gentle friend put it, “reading your blog is…umm…sorta DIFFICULT”)–I decided today is time for something completely different.

Cuz my feminism is not all rape culture and domestic violence and “men interrupt women so much even women think it’s cool to interrupt women” and “would mainstream white feminists please get their sh!t together” and “ugh! not another Strong Female Character!


Sometimes it’s about how funny funny people can be, fighting on the front line of the Gender Wars*.

Since I myself am decidely not a funny person, I’m gonna just be pointing you to the funniness of others. First up: Confused Cats Against Feminism!

"Pelusa doesn’t know the difference between potato chips and feminism."
“Pelusa doesn’t know the difference between potato chips and feminism.” (via)

[Background context can be found here, for them what’s not already in the know.]

Brought to Tumblr by David Futrelle (also the force behind We Hunted the Mammoth, a site dedicated to tracking and mocking online misogyny), Confused Cats Against Feminism has already generated a good deal of enthusiasm and (some) detraction. My favorite of the detraction comes in the form of an MRA who apparently thinks feminists are so stupidly unfunny that they misinterpret their own jokes as being, y’know, feminist funny:

If you read through all the ‘Cats Against Feminism’ memes, you’ll notice that they pretty much all revolve around, well…CATS. Go figure, huh? References to food, tuna, shedding, and biting predominate these posts. The references to ‘Feminism’ are basically incidental, since this is just piggy-backing on the viral success of ‘Women Against Feminism’. Those posting these memes never really express whether they are in favor of, or against Feminism. It’s clearly not meant to appeal to EITHER side of the issue. Rather, it’s simply a silly meme meant to produce a few chuckles for ANYONE that happens to run across them. (via donotlink)

The Isak household has already submitted its closeups. And for the record, David Futrelle, if you ever do decide to create a “Confused Cats Confused by Confused Cats Against Feminism” blog, Hildi and Nathan are already prepared to be ALL UP ONS with that ish too.

They’ll be confused about anything, if it’ll get them treats.

“Hildi doesn’t need feminism as long as someone brings the kibbles.” (via)
"Nathan doesn't need feminism because he once met a Brazilian."
“Nathan doesn’t need feminism because he once met a Brazilian.”

And one more. Cuz CATS and POLITICS, amirite??

* I don’t actually think this is a war. War and gender inequality are both bad, and both threaten people’s lives; they’re just not the same. /#statingtheobvious

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