the (un)funny feminist goes back to school: Feminist Ryan Gosling

I laugh because I love.
Ya laugh or ya cry. Laughing’s better.

Given that my last post was labeled a “Part 1” (and, if I remember correctly, promised at least a three-parter on the evergreen pleasure* that is reading and writing about IPV [*ProTip: that’s sarcasm; it’s actually the exact opposite of a pleasure]), today’s post should be Part 2. Part 2 is a hairsbreadth from being ready to go. Cmon, Alice–get with the program and publish Part 2 already!! 

No. Not gonna–and you can’t make me, Internalized-Voice-of-Arbitrary-Demands-and-Unyielding-Expectations.

I’m at the end of my emotional resources on that topic, at least for the moment. I’m avoiding the evening news and most feminist blogs. I’m laundering bedsheets for the second time in as many days (because my cat still loves me enough that even though she now sleeps nights on the couch, there’s still only one place she wants to throw up 3-days-worth of undigested meals). And so–even though there’s no evidence that anyone other than me actually sees the humor in my “unfunny feminist finds a funny” posts–I’m going there again today!

It’s my blog, and I’ll pigsnort-laugh if I want to. 

Now–with preamble out of the way–let me acknowledge that this introduction of Feminist Ryan Gosling is well behind the times. The book based on this meme came out over two years ago, and while the Tumblr site remains up, new posts ceased as of last summer. In fact, why am I even telling you about this? You’ve surely run into Feminist Ryan Gosling elsewhere! Unless perhaps you live under a rock.

In which case, I’m very sorry. I hope there aren’t too many worms.

Gayatri Spivak AND Buffy Sommers? Yes please! (via)
Gayatri Spivak AND grubby cute man AND Buffy Summers? Yes please! (via)

Feminist Ryan Gosling is the brain child of Danielle Henderson^^, who–in the midst of a graduate program in Women’s Studies–found herself in a “laugh, quit, or die trying” situation relative to WS theory. (Hey girl. I feel ya, been there myself. Left there.) She stopped updating this particular blog following graduation.

During his glorious 15+ minutes of internet fame, Feminist Ryan Gosling hey-girl’ed his way through:

FRG_splaining chump

FRG_yellow wallpaper

FRG_eat my shirt

FRG_doctor who


FRG_masters house

And much, much more!

I hope you enjoy these memes as much as I do. Though some of them may send you scrambling back to your fem. theory books to check a reference.

Or to set ’em all on fire, wevs.


^^Before totally leaving the subject of Danielle Henderson, can I just say: THIS is a fabulous About page. I’d like to ask her to be my new BFF. Or to watch Doctor Who with me while discussing the broad reach of the Oxford comma fandom. Or perhaps just to teach me the French colloquialism for “I hope your dick falls off while a vulture eats your eyes.” Seems like there might be occasions when that would come in handy.

(Okay, maybe only an EXTREMELY RARE occasion. Still–if that’s the comeback you need–would anything else really work as well??)

**Never one to leave Foucault out of a theory discussion, if I can help it, I’d like to present you with this totally gratuitous and off-topic picture of the theoretician of the panopticon himself. Just so you have something to haunt your dreams at night.


3 thoughts on “the (un)funny feminist goes back to school: Feminist Ryan Gosling

  1. Alice, having just now replied to your comment about following my blog, snatched a quick look around yours, clicked follow because I can see some great reading ahead, and glanced through this Part 2, but need to read Part 1 first—everything in order please- I am now completely creeped out and will have the image of Foucault burning in my brain for the rest of the night! Plus I will be reliving discussion from Contemporary Soc for awhile as well. Not many really “got” the concept of the panopticon, but then Foucault is a challenge to be reckoned with in general.

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