A Truth About Alice

Because I feel like we’re good friends — and we’ve achieved a real state of trust between us — I think now is an appropriate time to reveal something vulnerable and true about myself.

Feel free to reciprocate in the comments if you feel so moved.

I understand that revealing deeply personal and private things, especially on the Internet, is a liberating experience.

And I so want that for you.

*deep breath*

Here goes…

im no hero

im no hero 2

*deeper breath*

Sometimes I think I started blogging just to have an excuse for collecting .gifs. 

credit for these .gifs goes to giphy.com, btw

6 thoughts on “A Truth About Alice

    1. I like Journey too, a lot of the other asshole criteria too. And I only occasionally like songs by Kenny Loggins.

      Stick with me, kid — we’re going places!


  1. Hahaha 🙂

    My confession: I blog because I enjoy hearing myself talk…if that makes sense, plus I usually give myself all the correct advice that I want to hear.

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