Making Blog-Sausage

I’ll take mine to go…

I’ve been having such a blogger’s good time lately!

There’s a large Meetup group for local writers, and a small group of us got together recently to talk blogging. Some, like yours truly, talked about blogs we already have. Others talked about a wide range of boisterous ideas for blogs they’re thinking of (re)starting.

I left feeling so enthused and re-energized.

“Now,” I thought to myself, “would be a great time to redo my About page!”

(Seeing as how I’d just spent an afternoon practicing my elevator pitch on a roomful of new people. 😀 )


I’m not sure this version turned out any more About-page-ish than the last one? Turns out I’m still totally okay with that.

Please: if any of you feel like the About page is a skill you’ve truly mastered — or truly failed, but in an interesting way — would you leave me a link back to yours in the comments? Or even just if you’ve redone your own recently. I would love the invite to check out pages that you like, and which I probably haven’t visited in quite a while, if at all!

And if you’re interested in checking out my own new (and perhaps improved!) About page, you can follow this link…or, yknow, just keep reading — 

About Alice

neck tat

In May 2012, a woman stops. Already retreated almost to the beginning of herself, she thinks: “Only death could be more silent.”

It is not the first time the careful construction of her days has collapsed. Her life resembles a too-often-rebuilt bridge still resonating at the frequency of past traumas as yet unacknowledged. Always she forges a new prosthetic self, a new stuttering engine of dreams and hope to propel her mind forward another year (or, if she’s lucky: a few) before her life crumbles once again.

She is tired of masquerades. She decides to find her own self instead.

This blog records her journey back into voice.

Into my voice.

* * * * *

I quest for words that will stay where I put them and do what I tell them.

I find the labor strange. Often the language I uncover speaks me into bigger bones and fuller throat than I at first imagined.

Some of the words conceal as much as they reveal: rape, emotional abuse, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, dissociation, ptsd. Do you know me any better, if I tell you these are labels for what I discuss here?

I imagine architects for the Tower of Babel using such labels as I-beams and girders, deluded into the conviction that their definitions would hold solid enough to raise a human structure to the heavens.

* * * * *

We are made — all of us — from mud and transcendence.

I celebrate this kinship.

caapb narrow

* * * * *

Curious what you’ll encounter if you follow along? I write personal explorations into the irrepressible nature of traumatic events and the liminal powers of a red dress. And poems in which ancient kings snore. And social commentaries in which I get to pick my angry teeth with a rasp.

My favorite metaphor to-date is the Zombie Princess.

* * * * *

(Still curious? 13 more insights into me.)

(Still curiouser? A chronology of my story as I’ve told it so far.)

* * * * *

Welcome. Stay awhile, if you choose. Say hello.

And if you too write, please invite me to find you there.

Best wishes,
alice isak

6 thoughts on “Making Blog-Sausage

  1. Okay! NOW I know what an About Page should look like! (Please don’t look at mine! It’s the product of about 30 seconds of thought… you’ve inspired me to rewrite it, but since I’m no better at writing than I was a few days ago it’ll have to stay a while).


    1. Ha! And: Thanks! I don’t even remember what I had up on this page for at least the first 6-8 months of blogging — couldn’t entirely know what blog (and blogger!) I was introducing until there was, yknow, a blog to introduce.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “She is tired of masquerades. She decides to find her own self instead.
    This blog records her journey back into voice.
    Into my voice.”
    My favorite lines 🙂


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