When I grow up…

…I can only hope to be as give-no-fcuks awesome as I was at age 10.

And while the facepaint screams “hippy-dippy lovechild”-meets-“gradeschooler’s idea of an Indian”-meets-“Gramma Ruth’s leftover lipsticks” to me today,

nov 1980
Social Justice Warrior-in-the-making

I’m still convinced that’s as reasonable a use for pantyhose as any my adult self has ever tried.

* * *

What about you?
At what age were you most fearless?

12 thoughts on “When I grow up…

  1. Right now. Today. Fearful baby, fearful child, teenager, young adult, suddenly realized all of the things I feared no longer matter and decided to try to not take on any new fears. If possible. So far I’m doing it more than I’m not. Keeping fingers crossed!


  2. Brilliant shot! I love the placement of the heart, the ‘V’ part of it looks like frown lines intensifying your expression, making the heart a fierce one.

    What’s the story of the shot or was that your every day style?

    As for my most fearless time, I’d say it was before I knew there were sharks in the sea.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Sharks are scary. I get ya there, sister!

      I have no idea what the story behind this picture, or this look, was! Not my everyday style, no — at least not the makeup. (Though I think I crayoned a few doll faces similarly? For reasons??) I may have been using my face to balance out the neatly-belted-and-vested aspect of my clothing here, which was itself out of character for me at this age.

      I tended to change my outfits two and three times a day, to my mother’s bemused annoyance. I wore old gauzy curtains, fastened into skirts with large rhinestone broaches; silk kimonos pilfered from my grandmother’s closet; ’50s-era slips with lacy panels and sparkly gold accents. I often accessorized with tights and pantyhose, in a wear-it-anywhere-but-on-my-legs kind of way. Not many pictures left but this one, unfortunately!

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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    1. Isn’t it?? I can tell by looking that I was working REALLY HARD to keep what I clearly felt was an appropriately stern expression — and it cracks me up every time!


  3. LOVE that picture!! My most fearless age might have been when I was still a toddler. About the time I decided to change my name to Dorcas, and carried a paper bag with me everywhere I went… for my important stuff, you know.

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