One of these questions is more rhetorical than the other.

I’m just not saying which.

Wonder Woman: pop culture's greatest Amazon.  (via)
Pop Culture’s Greatest Amazon (via)

Here’s what I keep wondering about this week:

(1) Why are the most prevalent — and financially lucrative — fantasies produced for women consistently some version of “if I hang around the assh*le who treats me badly LONG ENOUGH, he’ll stop being an assh*le and become the dream lover/boyfriend my mother and I always hoped I’d find”?

[This trope long predates FSoG, obvs. It predates the first Harlequin romance that ever slithered onto land. And the issue is as much about what — and why — women choose to consume as it is about what gets marketed to us; these two factors are always intricately and inextricably related. Duh.]

(2) Given the utter — and annoying — obviousness of Question 1, how is that women have not yet risen up in a violently Amazonian worldwide coup and installed their own matriarchal feminist utopia?

[Please please PLEASE, let this be the plot of the next…uh, I mean FIRST (IF THEY EVER ACTUALLY MAKE ONE) Wonder Woman movie!]

Jeez Louise.

Here’s a key point, though, about all those mega-sales numbers for the FSoG books (and now movie), as Hannah McCann points out: ample evidence suggests that some folks are buying the books to hate-read as ardently as others are to fantasize.

And those hate-readers (plus others) are creating some mighty fine entertainment of their own, in response.

A few of my favorites:

♥ McCann’s own .gif-driven movie review, over at BINARYTHIS.

(BtVS-themed, no less!)

♥ Laurie Penny’s Fifty Shades of Socialist Feminism:

“My safe word is ‘restraining order’.”

♥ Samantha Field’s dream of an Anastasia who gets to simply leave after the first movie ends:

“The last shot of the film before it cuts to the credits has a note of finality to it. She’s given back the laptop, the car, and she’s leaving after she told him to never touch her again. I mean, if that was where we were actually leaving it? I could maybe almost be ok with it.”

♥ This piece of supreme weirdness.

♥ Greg’s (inadvertently hilarious) comments to Trout Nation.

(“Greg” decided to “exercise [his] 1st Amendment right” to let the feminists and other wimminfolks know that any outrage we were feeling was merely “exactly what the military-industrial complex wants” us to feel. Thanks, Greg!)

All of which should make it abundantly clear — especially to author EL James, who has her doubts (not to mention an extremely aggressive passive-aggressive way of expressing them) — that yes, even its critics have read the book. 

We just like our versions better.

(Psst! Hey, movie producers! You’re really sure I can’t have this instead of two 50 Shades sequels? Puh-leeeeeze??)


* * *

Got other funnies I should see? Or FSoG-inspired rants of your own?
Please leave me a link in comments! 

8 thoughts on “One of these questions is more rhetorical than the other.

  1. I won’t read it. I just refuse. I am also waiting for the same uprising. But apparently, power attracts the corruptible. This is why the world is not run by women. We are just decent creatures.


    1. …and what the hell was that ‘dramatic reading’ thing? Sounded more like a creepy, chainsmoking throat cancer patient than cookie monster. Just how did you manage to find such a piece anway?


      1. I have no idea what that is. Somebody lost a bet made while drunk, perhaps??

        I found it same way you just did: someone included a link in something else I read. Don’t remember what exactly…


    2. Ahh!! I totally ❤ Charlotte Perkins Gilman! (Even though I forget at least one of her three names every time I'm in a rush to remember.) The Yellow Wallpaper is SO my jam.

      Back when I was deciding what name to blog under, I was originally gonna use "Alice Perkins Isak." Or maybe it was "Alice Gilman Isak"?? Decided finally to drop the reference, sad though that made me — made no sense to have as my own name something I could never remember!

      Liked by 1 person

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