Food Words

Three Quotes in Three Days: Day 1

I’m a sucker for collecting random phrases and quotations that speak to me in the particulars of some moment. Removed completely from the context that birthed them, done in up their Sunday best of imagery or fancy fonts, meme-ified and Pinterest-worthy — I love this nonsense!

Which is why I am participating for the first time ever [and probably the last!] in one of those blogger’s challenge-type things currently making the rounds. Thanks and curses alike to Lin at Breathing Space for tempting me with this particular siren’s song.

I have already informed Lin that I will be honoring the spirit and not the letter of the challenge by posting the guidelines. . . and then promptly breaking them. Since she did too, I’m feeling quite remorse-free.

[Oh! Here! should you be at all interested in seeing more of my FOOD WORDS collection.]

Guidelines, as written:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote each day for 3 days.
  3. Each day nominate 3 new bloggers to take part.

Yeaaaaahhh. See, I don’t do the “tag — you’re it!” chainletter-esque blogging. Ever.


I do have some lovely blogging friends whose sites I’m happy to encourage folks to visit, so I’m going to do three recommendations instead of nominations.

[Bonus recommendation: if you haven’t yet visited the internet home of The Claudia McGill Museum of Things Claudia McGill Picks Up From the Street When She Is Just Going Along Being Claudia McGill and Doing Claudia McGill Things, you really are missing out. The saga of the blue comb alone! I’ve gone all goose-pimply just thinking about it…]

If any of these three folks decides to participate in any way — anything from posting quotes on their own blogs/Facebook feeds, to putting some favorite words in a comment here, to just having a warm happy feeling a few weeks from now when they read this post and realize I was thinking of them — well, that sounds pretty lovely too!


12 thoughts on “Food Words

  1. Great quote, reminds me of the Mark Twain quote that says the only thing God cannot understand is copyright theft law – something like that anyway. Nice post. 🙂

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    1. Yes — it’s so important to remember that each of our voices are important because they are OURS, not only when or if we are saying something previously unsaid or unthought in human history. Or whatever bar we set that only functions to keep ourselves quiet, and small.

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  2. HA! This was actually my first ever nomination ‘tag’ so I was happy to try it on for size…funny to follow this through to the second gen of bloggers doing this. Just taking a peek…love the premise of your quotes!

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    1. You know the game of ‘Telephone’ (or whatever one might call it) — where a circle of people pass a message, whispered into each person’s ear around a circle, only to return unrecognizable to the person who began it? Well, thank you for the opening gambit in this particular bloggers-version!

      If you’re still interested in following its path, Deb (whom I mentioned above) has started her own take on it here:


  3. Ahhh…thanks for the being thought of mention, and is it rather narcissistic to place a quote of your own words into this challenge? Since you took liberties with your side, I am bending the rules even further and will happily arrange three blog posts around my very own, witty and heartfelt, and incredibly overused, words. I bet you can’t wait…

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  4. Well, I’ve got to say, you’ve made my day. Thanks for all your support of all the things I am doing. Wish I could hug you but I’ll have to send it through cyberspace instead and I hope it arrives not all crumpled up.

    I’m trying to think of a quote. “Take these drops three times daily”? “Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes”? “Fill in your full name and address on the line below”? “Please notify us immediately with any questions regarding billing on your account”?

    It’s not working. How about just – “Thanks!”

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