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Three Quotes in Three Days: Day 2
Three Quotes in Three Days: Day 2

Once again, thanks and curses to Lin at Breathing Space for tempting me with this particular blogger’s challenge.

[Day 1 can be found here. And check out here, if you’re at all interested in seeing more of my WORD WORDS quote collection.]

Today’s recommendations of lovely blogging friends whose sites I encourage you to visit:

[Bonus recommendation: Heather D., at Becoming Cliché. I feel an affinity for each of these bloggers based, in part, on how each of them interrogates the meaning and purpose of their own story-telling — but great Internet quote-memes require great pictures too, yes? What I have been learning from Heather is that, if one wants the awesomest pictures around, one really wants to know a zookeeper during hatching season.]

Now, if any of these folks decides to participate in any way — from posting quotes on their own blogs/Facebook feeds/tweets, to putting some favorite words in a comment here, to just having a warm happy feeling a few weeks from now when they read this post and realize I was thinking of them — that’ll be lovely too!


12 thoughts on “Word Words

    1. I’m sure there are plenty of mis-attributed Hemingway quotes running around the interwebs, but I feel as confident as I can in this one! 🙂


    1. Well…it’s not an embattled stance on proper over-under toilet paper etiquette or a picture of a newborn lizard smaller than your thumb — but I try to give back with whatever I have available to me. I’m a bit like O. Henry’s “Gift of the Magi” lady, in that way.

      Only as a blogger.

      And with buzzcut hair from the get-go.

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        1. What’s that cliche about relationships? “You may not remember what they said or what they did — or which way they install their toilet paper roll — but you’ll always remember EXACTLY HOW THEY MADE YOU FEEL.”

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