“Maybe Everything Isn’t Hopeless Bullshit!”

I think my neighborhood musta known this ruling was coming.

As of yesterday morning, all the street crossings started getting dressed up in their party frocks…

Alice’s ‘hood


❤ ~ alice

p.s. Title borrowed from this tweet (which itself borrows from Hyperbole and a Half):

6 thoughts on ““Maybe Everything Isn’t Hopeless Bullshit!”

    1. Amazing, right? Between the video circulating on Facebook of the first same-sex marriage performed in Dallas County (did you see it? with Jack and George, who’ve been together for 54 YEARS) and the clip of Pres. Obama singing Amazing Grace at Rev. Pinckney’s memorial service — both of which I watched multiple times — I kept breaking into tears all day.

      I watched Obama’s eulogy speech in its entirety this morning. I am still undone.

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