The Stick Ladies: A Love Story

I was first introduced to the Stick Ladies through artist Claudia McGill, who included them as part of a portrait series on her blog back in August. Even though many stick lady friends had gathered for these photos, the sparks between these two were evident to me right from the start.

I shared my suspicions with Ms. McGill, and together we wished them well…wherever their journeys took them.


[Alice: I am totally grooving on the two ladies in the middle of the bottom photo, the ones giving each other the sideways glances. I’m imagining them having a courtship that starts out uncertain, then grows into quite the torrid love affair…

Claudia: Fairy Godmother says: if so, they will live a long life together and be happy!]

Imagine my surprise when their journey brought them both to my door, just a short time ago!

Nathan wasted no time greeting our guests —


despite the fact that they were clearly knackered from their travel.

Hildi, more attuned to social niceties, waited to be properly introduced once the Ladies had had a chance to relax and splash a bit of water on their faces.


When asked about their plans, the Stick Ladies informed me that they had decided to strike out on their own — to give their fledgling romance a chance to flourish — and were hoping I could give them a proper introduction to what the City of Brotherly Love might have to offer.

As they admired the skyline of their new adoptive home, both felt sure they had come to the right place for an adventure!


The Ladies began their day with breakfast at the Good Karma Café, where they consulted guide books while carb-loading.


As they traipsed around the neighborhood, the Stick Ladies were charmed to stumble upon community gardens, full of still-blooming flowers,


and delighted to discover Giovanni’s Room, one of the first LGBT bookstores in the country, still open for business!


Inspired by their trip to the historic shop, after lunch the Stick Ladies spent some time perusing my own library.

(I promised to lend them anything they’re interested in reading — once they promised me they are responsible borrowers, who can be relied upon to always return books promptly.)


They also made friends with the Refrigerator Monas.


Stick Lady 2 was especially complimentary of Refrigerator Mona 1’s new hairdo, which she assured her was most flattering.

While the Ladies were pleased to learn there was a good gym in the neighborhood, they decided not to go today. All that walking was cardio enough!

stickladies_12th st

My suggestion of dinner from a local Chinese take-out place was also nixed. Some squeamishness having to do with eating off wooden chopsticks, I think.

Though both Ladies assure me they feel quite enthusiastic about scheduling a dance night at the nightclub I live over, for a Friday night once they’ve gotten more settled in!


After their full day, the Stick Ladies just wanted to relax with a cup of coffee and a little Netflix.

I took advantage — as I often do, when fellow bibliophiles visit — of showing off my collection of literary coffee mugs. The Ladies were gratifyingly enthusiastic!


Even though both of them declined to drink from the Kafka.

Everyone does.

While the three of us sat there with our feet up, rewatching the first episode of Grace and Frankie, I asked the Stick Ladies what they thought of my fair city.

stickladies_TVThey paused a moment, exchanged a knowing glance, and then — with a glad shout — exclaimed:


♥ ♥ ♥

I am glad too, Stick Ladies.

Thank you, Claudia McGill, for giving life to these two wonderful creatures — and for giving me the opportunity to shepherd those lives along.

And thanks also to you, Good Fairy Godmother of Stick Ladies, gentle shadows, and Sofa People with tired feet — who sent the Ladies off with a wish I’d like to extend now to all of us:

stickladies_FG wish

♥ ♥ ♥

May we all of us lead happy lives, enriched with true friends and wide experiences —
and filled with 
random beauty in the most unexpected places. 

♥ ♥ ♥


32 thoughts on “The Stick Ladies: A Love Story

    1. yeesh! Given the recent brush with “fiery demise by inner-city arson” we all just experienced, I’m pretty certain the Stick Ladies are decorating their new desk-drawer home with NOTHING BUT fire extinguishers!! 😉

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Are you familiar with the movie “Strictly Ballroom”? One of my all-time favorite romcoms — and this is the song that runs in the very final scene. Thanks for bringing back the memory!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. yknow, I might actually watch DWTS if it included more wallflower beauties transformed by the removal of their glasses in the glow of giant rooftop Coke advertisements!

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh goodness — I can just imagine! Thankfully, the worst harm that’s come to the Ladies so far is getting knocked to the ground once or twice, together with a stack of papers and some Post-It notes. (Nathan’s been practicing gravity again.)

      Liked by 1 person

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