I Stand with Planned Parenthood


This is some major bullshit.

This is some major misogynistic, woman-hating, femme-hating, people-with-uteruses-hating, poor-people-hating, body-hating, science-hating, health-hating, sex-hating, pleasure-hating, family-hating, love-hating, life-hating, liberation-hating bullshit. 

And I am out of words to express my outrage and contempt.

So I’ma let Cameron Esposito handle business for me today. You’re welcome.

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13 thoughts on “I Stand with Planned Parenthood

  1. I am grateful to Planned Parenthood. When I was a young married college student, birth control cost about ten percent of our income because insurance wouldn’t cover it. PP offered the same ‘scripts on a sliding scale. I paid $10 a month to prevent a pregnancy that we could ill afford.

    Those who insist that women who don’t want to get pregnant shouldn’t have sex maybe forget that a large number of PP clients seeking birth control are married and have the Bible’s OK to bump uglies.

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    1. I hear so many similar stories from friends — how Planned Parenthood was their salvation at a time when a whole lotta other stuff felt stacked against them.

      And I’m less sanguine that that the “women should know that the possible price of any sex act is pregnancy — forced incubation, if need be” crowd forgets about married women. They want to bring back coverture *in addition to* controlling the fertility choices of young women, WOC, and poor women.

      Abusive bastards, the lot of ’em.

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  2. I’m as outraged at the staged spectacle of it all. Isn’t Congress posing, muscles flexed, to make favorite conservative candidates look firm in their resolve? That, and wasting our tax dollars pursuing legislation that will not pass through the Senate and even if it did would be vetoed.

    It seems a costly PR stunt.


    1. The House seems deeply, DEEPLY committed to their costly PR stunts. How many times did they vote to repeal the ACA?

      Many of them must surely know this is no more than spectacle, as you say. The ones that scare me are the GOP Reps that believe they are following some sort of necessary mission, rather than merely theatrical grandstanding.

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    1. There is the merest melting snowball’s chance in h-e-double hockeysticks for this to pass the Senate, I am quite sure. And even if that happened, no way Obama signs it. But how many more times will the House put on this charade? And even if this is a futile gesture, in the big picture — what other support (political or social) erodes as collateral damage?

      Thanks for the comment!


  3. I am beyond outrage on this one.
    I “get” that Conservative “Christians” want to prevent abortions, but that’s not all the Planned Parenthood does. I am so so so grateful PP was there when I needed them….. to test for STD’s, to provide birth control to my teenage daughter FOR FREE, BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAVE INSURANCE!!!! They also helped me get through a miscarriage, provided me with birth control, counseled me after two abortions, and have helped many of my friends.
    Yeah, I’m PISSED OFF.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story. I share your outrage (as you may have noticed!).

      There is a Planned Parenthood location just a couple blocks from where I live. On the days that I see protesters picketing, I always make a point of stopping to thank all of the volunteer escorts who also come out on those days — facing down the vitriol and “prayerful” hatred of those who would deny women both their constitutional and human rights.

      After I passed through this gauntlet a few days ago, I came upon a protester arguing with a Phila parking attendant: he insisted that he had the right to park his van there because he was unloading (placards about “murdered babies” and bible verses, looked like). The attendant, unswayed, was writing him a ticket.

      It was a nice moment.


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