Respectfully Yours, Alice

ABOVE: Senate Republicans making a reasoned argument about women’s reproductive health

In the wake of Thursday’s (probably toothless but definitely symbolic) Senate vote to defund Planned Parenthood, a point of clarification:

Any statement akin to “legal abortion is an issue on which people can sincerely and respectfully disagree” is horseshit.

While you and I may hold differing opinions about whether or not we personally — as individuals — would ever choose to have an abortion, the question of whether or not pregnant people as a whole deserve the right to make that decision, each for themselves, is not an issue up for respectful disagreement.

If I choose to carry a pregnancy to term, at a bare minimum I am consenting to nine months of physical and emotional transformation, much of it potentially painful, at the end of which I may find my muscles and flesh ripped or cut open. I may have my entire abdomen surgically opened. The whole experience will leave me permanently physically altered, perhaps permanently physically impaired. Perhaps dead. And that’s without even addressing pregnancy’s emotional and financial costs, or the emotional, physical, and financial implications of what follows giving birth.

If politicians think — if ANYONE thinks — that any thoughts other than the pregnant person’s own carry weight on such an issue, they are categorically wrong. Holding a contrary opinion is not only irrelevant, it is obscenely disrespectful to the body and person of another human being.

And no amount of sincerity in the world can change that.



A Brief PSA

I believe no one should face violence or intimidation in order to access — or to provide — safe, affordable, and evidence-based reproductive health care.

On Saturday, Dec 5, please join me and others in standing with Planned Parenthood on the National Day of Solidarity to show support for safe and accessible reproductive health care, including abortion.

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Image of “howler monkees doing their thing” by Steve from washington, dc [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via

8 thoughts on “Respectfully Yours, Alice

  1. Just makes you wonder how many times we have to fight this fight. And at the core of it, why are they so afraid of us? And conversely, why can’t we manage, as women, to find what they are so afraid of and exploit it until this ends once and for all. Fuckers. Sorry, but I’ve done eloquent. I’ve done impassioned. I’ve tried reasoned, logical and measures. Now I’m left with fuckers. That is all.


    1. Thanks, Tish! I am feeling quite angry and fierce these days, with all the bs that’s going on to deny bodily autonomy to everyone but cis men. (Cis men preferably with money and definitely white, to boot.)

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  2. You said it very eloquently. Freedom over our own bodies should be a right. The irony about PP is that so little of it is involved in abortions. We fought so hard during the 60s and 70s for rights that seem to be slipping away.

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    1. That is rather astounding, isn’t it? How quickly hard-fought progress can erode. How insistently hegemonic forces reassert old power structures.

      How pervasive this notion is that only some people deserve to call their bodies their own…

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