…you try to wrap your head around the current state of the GOP and what it means for our country as a whole:

firefly_we re all doomed


Also (not that it matters anymore) (not that it mattered EVER), but wtf is even happening here.

[LOLsnort. #flippers]

I am strongly considering going into hiding for the rest of this election cycle. Please send care packages of chocolate and tequila to Alice Isak, c/o Nathan’s new box.


I mean, WHEW. 

Some days, I just don’t have the words. Perhaps I can borrow a few from Pooh and Piglet: 


via ThunderDungeon on Facebook



That about covers it.


22 thoughts on “TFW…

  1. Nathan is brilliant. I had not even considered a box. Does that speak to the fact that I am just a silly woman who needs a man to tell me what to do…? As I am currently on a Hard Cider kick, I will take a case of the pear variety and some nice fruit pies with vanilla ice cream for my collective gorge out food choice care package. That # shared by Dina, #tiredofoldwhitemen, is almost spot on to the label Alison and I have adopted for all the horror in the known world: oldwhitemalecapitalistmisogynist – neither of us do the # or the @ thing much so we truly love our pointed rallying cry as we boldly place blame.
    Personally, I believe that so many in this country have their heads up their asses, or behind their guns, or decidedly and firmly under control of their patriarchy that our nation has no idea what has been unleashed, but I fear other countries do, and we are all likely screwed in more ways than one.

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  2. My goodness, who knew Piglet had such a mouth on him little self?!! I think in my care package I’d like cupcakes and bourbon. You said it, it’s going to be a very long summer and fall with all the political crap flying around. Might as well become a hermit.

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  3. As long as the motherfucker that’s getting burned to the ground is the current incarnation of the GOP, I’m good with it. But you’re right. It’s already ugly and it’s going to get uglier. The only saving grace is that it finally pisses off enough women to realize there are more of us than them….

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    1. The critical swing voters this election will be white women, from the data analysis I’ve seen. Who voted Romney in the last presidential by a significant — though not overwhelming — majority. Despite all the talk of “the women’s vote elected Obama,” what secured the election for him was the high voter turnout and near-100% support of black women. (#funwithdatadiving) The sociopathic real estate mogul needs comparable support from white women if he’s gonna win — which gets less probable with every “bleeding from her wherever”-style comment he makes. Or so I’m praying. (#onbendedkneesnightly)

      And yes, the first mofo getting burned is the GOP. And then, I’m thinking, onward to the whole capitalist, white supremacist, war-mongering heteropatriarchy. You still in?


      1. With a smile. And possibly menstrual blood war paint. There is a writer I follow whose # I have shamelessly adopted because it sums it up. #tiredofoldwhitemen. And as I said to someone, Bernie is probably the nicest of the old, white men. But at the end of the day, he’s still an old, white man. Bring on the woman card.

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        1. I recommend a can of WD-40 if something’s sticking, or a roll of duct tape if something’s NOT sticking. That’s the only way I get mine to work some days!

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    1. Yeesh! And I shudder to think how much explicitly misogynist crap is gonna get unleashed, once the primaries are over and Trump and Clinton are in direct head-to-head competition…

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