Monday Wisdom: Celebrate yourself! Make art! Dance naked!

Celebrate the making of dancing naked art! 


When in doubt, always draw a third Johnson.

# # #

And now for Something a Tiny Bit Serious!

The news these past couple weeks has been hitting me especially hard, with many of those hard things feeling more personal than usual. In times like this, I find self-care especially important: dancing, making, laughing with friends, you-get-the-idea.

From all of us here chez Alice to all of you and yours: much love.

And the occasional* bit of nudity.


[Feeling the need today for a second helping of Monday Inspirations With Alice? Click here to review the whole series.]

[*yo, Kirizar! This is another of those “Do NOT open while working the church’s reception desk”-style posts. You have been warned!]

[To all the new folks who have just started following this blog: Welcome! Apologies if this is not what you were expecting! (It’s Monday, see. I do a thing on Mondays.) And for that, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.]

14 thoughts on “Monday Wisdom: Celebrate yourself! Make art! Dance naked!

  1. Of course I immediately notice no balls behind the dancing member. And of course I speculate on any Hidden Meaning behind the Play-doh castration or perhaps it was just too difficult to get the sac to stay attached… 🙂
    I love you, and Mondays.

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  2. omf, Alice… spilled coffee all over blanket and patio chair… Bwahaha! =) =) Thanks for the inspiration, and while dancing around the house is ALWAYS on my to do list, perhaps I’ll ty it nude later today… I’ll have to hold up the girls, tho… contrary to appearance, they are not a fan of gravity, lol! =) =)

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