Remember: it always helps to take things slow and steady!

Though it IS Monday, so exactly WHAT things you take…


…remains entirely up to you. 

pouring whiskey

# # #

Given what yesterday’s cyborg post wrung out of me over the week-long process of drafting it [TL;DR rape culture still sucks, and so does Brock Turner’s dad], this may be a channeling-my-inner-Jack-Donaghy-pwning-himself kinda Monday.

Then again, I am still buzzing from my tragus piercing all the way down to my bunions from the overwhelming amount of supportive feedback and affirmations my “Fcuk Pretty” piece has gotten, since being featured on the WordPress Discover site last Sunday.


Maybe I’ll just have tea—and spike it…


To all my lovely blog followers, new and old: Look! I got you some flowers! Hope to see you again soon.


[Missed an episode of your favorite blog series? Not to worry! Head over here to see all past Monday Inspirations with Alice.]

14 thoughts on “Remember: it always helps to take things slow and steady!

  1. How is it that I’ve missed your Monday inspirations series? Clearly I’m a bad follower who needs to up her game, perhaps check her My Feedly feed more often. Congrats on being featured on WP Discover. [Is that what used to be called Freshly Pressed?] And now I shall go off and slowly + steadily live my Monday. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    1. Welcome to the Inspirations, then! Figured I needed something to break up all the long-a## rape-culture posts, for both you readers and me writer. 😀

      And yes, getting “discovered” is what used to be considered “freshly pressed.” (I had to confirm that, too.) Thanks!!

      Liked by 1 person

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