This Monday, let your inner talents shine!

Just try not to catch anything on fire in the process.

twirling fires

Especially things you’re probably gonna want later.

Like, say, maybe the girls.

# # #

We know you have a number of blogs to choose from when selecting your morning reading material, and from all of us here at CaaBP, thank you for choosing Monday Inspirations with Alice.

Remember to practice fire safety, any of you setting off fireworks tonight—and we hope you’ll return to fly with us again soon!


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14 thoughts on “This Monday, let your inner talents shine!

    1. Haha! I suspect, given MY coordination, I’da burnt off both my eyebrows. Probably caught half my hair on fire, too. Can’t say how I’d manage that, exactly — just that I would!

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  1. That makes my aging chest hurt…all that wiggling and gyrating and spinning. My girls just don’t sit as high and firm as they used to 😉


    1. A far better image for the day, I thought, than all those mouth-breathing dudes on youtube trying [and failing!] to shoot firecrackers off from their pants. Front and back of the trou — I found a disturbingly high number of each.

      But this woman?? REAL SKILL AND TALENT. 😀

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