Accountability Partners


Dear Self,

This is a very clear choice between two sides.

Not black or white.

Not black or blue.

Sure as shit not the individualizing red herring of “good cops” vs. “bad cops.”


we are choosing between the side of life…and the side of death.

That simple.

By which I do not mean easy—

though I do mean urgent.

Look at the picture below, as you contemplate our next steps and what commitments we will make. Must make.

I await your answer.

Do not make me wait long.

All my love, always—

“This is what a police state looks like.” ~Imani Grandy [Baton Rouge PD detaining a demonstrator protesting Alton Sterling’s killing by police. Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Reuters (via)]

[EDIT: This BBC report has more context on the incident and the photographer, as well as other pictures also taken by Jonathon Bachman in Baton Rouge on Saturday. POWERFUL STUFF.

As the granddaughter of a news photographer, I am seriously impressed by this man’s photojournalism chops.]

[2nd EDIT: (via Twitter @tyriquex) The woman in the photo is Leshia Evans, mother to a 5yo son. She is still in jail. ]

11 thoughts on “Accountability Partners

    1. Isn’t it amazing?? Iesha Evans (I believe the woman’s name? info has been a bit lacking and/or confused) was held in jail for the next 24 hrs (hence the spotty sources for reporting!) before they released her.

      I feel confident that the people who have problems with “Black lives matter” also believe that “reverse racism” is actually a thing. *headdesk* (The ones who aren’t just unrepentant bigots, I mean.)


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