My love life, in a nutshell

Anybody know of a good OkCupid site—but for, like, pissed-off queer feminists who are Just So Over It, and also single?

An OkFreyja site, if you will.


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26 thoughts on “My love life, in a nutshell

    1. Oh dear! Did my post nearly kill you with laughter?? That woulda been a blog first — not that I’m disappointed you ultimately survived. 😀 #imjustsayin’ #firstsareimportant

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    1. OkXena, huh? Yup, that’d work too. 🙂

      And best wishes to you and Häagen-Dazs! Here’s hoping you two crazy kids make it for the long haul!! #MatchMadeInTheFreezerAisle

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