Surviving Monday in Three Easy Steps!

Sometimes Monday hits like a giant rock on your path. Whatever is a girl (or not-girl) to do??

Fear not!

Making it through to Tuesday is EASY when you follow these three simple steps:


1) Stay calm;

2) Check your best buddy’s still with ya;

3) And keep on trucking!


Or keep on Vespa’ing, as the case may be!


As regular readers of this blog will have already ascertained, last week got a tad bit bumpy ’round these here parts.


Today is a whole new week, with a whole new Monday, which I greet with a whole new attitude. In short: Alice Vespa’s onward!

And how are all of you? Share some #MondayInspirations of your own, if you’ve got ’em!



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19 thoughts on “Surviving Monday in Three Easy Steps!

    1. And isn’t today’s a pretty one?? I like imagining the big guy in the .gif (when he’s not Vespa’ing through the desert, that is!) keeping a garden of pink blooms like this.


  1. I don’t mean to brag but I woke up in no pain today. I just might make it through the entire Monday pain free. (no jinks) What What???!!!! I could sing, but I won’t cause I know how you hate that…lol I hope this week is better for you too.

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  2. That animation is hilarious. It looks like many of the bikers at the recent memorial party. Except for the teddy and the Vespa. However, I did find a Vespa and a Harley Davidson Topper (HD’s response to the Vespa craze back in the day) in my brother’s motorcycle workshop while I was poking around the outbuildings at his compound.

    Yesterday morning, on top of all the other sheiße in my life, I learned I am pre-diabetic. I had a freak out especially devoted to that fact last evening. I had stopped at the grocery after my shift at the nursing home, and stood there in the aisles looking at all the foods I can no longer eat, and wept bitter, embarrassing tears. Seeing a butch crying in a grocery store is a shock for people–they edged away from me very quietly. In desperation, I messaged a new friend who is also pre-diabetic and she talked me down from that wall. I bought a few things she recommended so at least I can eat something this morning. Funny how a person will come into your life just exactly when you need them.

    Right now, my inspiration is the Staples back-to-school commercial of the happy dad and the grumpy kids with Andy Williams singing “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” in the background. Yep, I’m at that stage. School starts on Wednesday. I love my kid but this tween bullshit is very trying.

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    1. Ok, I don’t have kids, I always loved going back to school when I _was_ a kid–and that commercial made even ME giggle!

      I’m glad you and your new friend found each other when you needed to. I raise a bouquet of freshly-sharpened no. 2 pencils in your honor!

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    1. Ooh, tortoise babies! That DOES sound good!!

      Re the .gifs: I belong to a secret black market underground that traffics in certain digital delicacies. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

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