In Which Alice Flirts with her New Crush!

The evening started harmlessly enough, psyching myself up for the inevitable horror that will be the third and final presidential debate the way any normal gal does: drinking wine and tweeting quotes about tampons…

By the way, any of y’all who Twitter do follow @ESTBLSHMNT*, yes? Cuz if not, you wanna get on that PRONTO.

*The Establishment, as you may or may not know (but, like, TOTALLY WANNA KNOW), is an online women’s magazine and not “the establishment” that folks get so grumbly about, politically speaking. Though that hasn’t stopped some folks from grumbling at them on Twitter!



Exactly why is @ESTBLSHMNT the single greatest magazine twitter account out there, you may be asking?


Color me #SMITTEN.

You might even say, it was love at first tweet.

Catch ya later, folks! I’ve got a party to get to!!

♥ ♥ ♥

So tell me: how did the rest of you spend your evening before the debate?

  • Fleeing the country?
  • Gouging our your eyes with a melon baller?
  • Sticking your fingers in your ears and singing ‘la la la la’ until the whole election is over??

This inquiring mind wants to know!

21 thoughts on “In Which Alice Flirts with her New Crush!

  1. I watched a couple of Halloween specials with the kids — Charlie Brown and Toy Story. Little Man wanted to stay up and watch the debate when he realized it was coming up and I had to explain how it wasn’t remotely appropriate for him.

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    1. Leave it to this election season to make a presidential debate inappropriate for children not cuz the whole thing is just gonna be boring for ’em, but because its content is ~literally~ NSFW.

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  2. The tampon fortress is a wonder to behold. And to think you have a connection to it. Color me impressed, but for goodness sake do not chose to color me orange. That particular color has been co-opted by an old narcissistic fool who knows no limits.

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  3. Building tables, because I am a woman who can. Also, I never want to hear the word WRONG again. Also, I want a huge hole to open in the ground and swallow DT. Also, I did not have to excise my own eyeballs because I cannot WATCH them and even listening is causing me anxiety so I think I will sing “La la la” and start my trek northward. I should make the Canadian border in about 3 hours 😉

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    1. WRONG appears to have been replaced by STUPID, as the popular word tonight, fyi.

      Cheese louise. If this debate was a horse, someone would have put it out of its misery by now…


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