Alice and the Wonderful, Delightful, No Bad, Very Good Day

Because sometimes you just gotta say “fcuk it” to the writing and bake a birthday cake for a horse instead.

annie cake_apr17
Why yes, since you mention it, that IS a 4-layer coffee-chocolate cake with lemon curd filling and a cardamom buttercream frosting! Good call. Your eye for detail is impressive.

And what about you? Tell me something good that’s happening in your world right now.

Or, equally delightful, tell me something absurd…

* * *

[Recipe adapted (only very slightly!) from this original.]

46 thoughts on “Alice and the Wonderful, Delightful, No Bad, Very Good Day

    1. I understand. ❤ When the fiddlehead ferns are all you got, you eat you some fiddlehead ferns.

      (Am holding you in my heart so damn hard right now, dear friend. So now you got that too.)

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  1. my neighbours have been waiting for ‘their’ swallows to return – until today only one had been seen, looking lonely and chattering to itself, but today two more arrived and they were all putting on an aerobatic show above the goatshed 🙂

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  2. I am delighted by your title. Very Lewis Carrol. I am excited for my sister to come. We’re planning to go to King of Prussia Mall so I am mapping out a plan of attack. Two weeks!!! Husband is ordering chicken and we’re doing laundry. Not exciting but cozy. Oh and yoga was awesome today. That’s our happy news from the bogartoones signing off!!!!

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    1. Thanks for sharing the happy deets, bogartoones!

      (I think of the title as very Judith Viorst, myself. 🙂 Are you familiar with the children’s book “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”?)

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  3. Um, I’ve only been up like two hours, so … Thus far, I’m glad to have awakened, and my husband says he’s bringin home donuts? So that’s good.
    But that cake has me feelin like I’m not as happy as I could be…
    Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

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    1. And a happy birthday to YOU! And a definite happiest birthday to the tiny tortoise!!

      Wasn’t *my* birthday, tbc. The party was for Annie the Horse. But I’m sure she’ll share — Annie’s cool like that.

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  4. Roughly 75 days left in the countdown, and I packed 4 boxes of books and art supplies. They cried a little, knowing that their place on the bookshelf would appear so empty without them… I whispered- “soon my friends, a whole new world will be yours.”
    Happy Birthday Annie the Horse!

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      1. 75 days to hit the official 90 day wait…although I think it will run a bit longer (thus the mid July estimate) in light of how my court system schedules their informal let’s-sign-her-papers-and-set-her-free hearing date. But 75 sounds soooo much better doesn’t it. And yes–CAKE!

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        1. And OH HOLY CRAP… I just looked at the actual date assigned to these post comments- April 30th– today is my 34th wedding anniversary. That brings some mixed reactions as I obviously let the entire day just go from my memory. Guess that little oversight says tons doesn’t it…

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  5. Something good, something good… safe, warm, well fed – no black flies – yet. Thanks for asking!

    But, um, that flavour combo chocolate/coffee/lemon/cardamon? I’ll hafta take your word for it. LOOKS awesome.

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    1. Um. Were you EXPECTING black flies?

      And yes — the flavor profile works exceedingly well! (I was a trifle dubious myself going in, but tbh, ANY excuse to make lemon curd and smear it on things is a good day for me…)

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        1. Ah, a feature of life in Cobalt, then? So that’s okay. I was picturing more of a “Maggie hunched over fresh carrion” vibe, which was most definitely NOT okay! lol

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  6. I’ve done no writing but I did spend an hour this morning helping clean the beach and I’m not sure how long once I got home shoveling out the house. The house needed more picking up than the beach did.

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