What I’ve Been Doing on My Summer Vacation, by E. Alice Isak

EAI part 1

Such terrible joy to possess
this soul, my own,
once more.

To once more feel
my heart pulse
and beat its solemn drum
within this carriage—

fleshly bone
and holy spark
at last

made one.

EAI part 2

So, yeah . . . in a nutshell.

And you?
What’s new and exciting in your neck of the woods?

20 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing on My Summer Vacation, by E. Alice Isak

    1. Thanks!
      I find I have the best results when I stop thinking of selfies as “pictures of myself.” They’re just pictures of shapes, same as everything else. Takes a bit of the edge off! 🙂

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  1. Spark is GOOD!
    Great poem 🙂 I’ve been spending lots of time with my family, been swimming lots, been writing and reading lots, OH! And watching Parenthood lots. Not too shabby for joeys.

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  2. Going down into the world of Phlegethon, of Phlegyas, into the infernal, the eternal, into the fire of Sisyphus – in other words, stone-walling, stone-rolling, putting words into the historical reality of some now or another!
    Except my holidays are Winter (in Australia), cold and dreary, and not half as intriguing as that look that says there’s a secret in there somewhere … Care to share the holy spark?

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    1. If you’re asking about the picture, I was listening to street fair music from down below (my block is a popular choice for holding large-scale shindigs), and deciding I waaay preferred the volume of their ’80s classics to whatever the heck had been playing the week before!

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    2. This was the week before — you’ll wanna turn on sound to understand. Also, get that I live FIFTEEN FLOORS ABOVE where this racket is playing! #sheesh #insidevoicesplease #getoffmylawnyouyoungwhippersnappers

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