do rape survivors dream of electric grad school?


~a reading list I could have really used, back as a doctoral student~

electric grad school


Constellation of Negative Life Outcomes Tied to Chronically-Misdiagnosed PTSD; Or: Why Write a Memoir When You Can Just Print Your Name on the Front of the DSM-5


Pathological Overmodulation of Traumatic Memories, Associated Emotions, and Bodily Experiences in the Dissociative PTSD Patient: “I May Be Pathological, But Hey! At Least I’m Not Crazy” (a lit review)


Schehera-who-now? 1,001 Nights of Managing a Narcissist’s Feelings in Order to Protect Your Own


Long-Term Consequences of Fear Conditioning, Parental Affect Disregulation, and (Mal)adaptive Dissociation: When They Tell You No One Who Had a Healthy Childhood Grows Up to Be a Chronic Cutter, They Ain’t Lying


Excessive Activity in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex and Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex, in Conjunction with Abnormally Low Amygdala Response, Suggests Active Involvement in Top-Down Memory Suppression [Also available in abridged form: Sometimes Our Brain Hops Away like a Frightened Little Bunny Because It Knows We’re About to Get Assaulted]


HPA Axis Dysfunction, Prolonged Digestive System Suppression, and Other “Triggered” Symptoms of a Traumatic Event Anniversary: How Suddenly Getting the Shits and Almost Passing Out During Cocktail Hour at My 25th College Reunion Taught Me a Valuable Life Lesson


Increased Susceptibility to Chronic PTSD Documented in Adult Daughters of Women Who Suffered Early Loss of a Parent; Or: Why I still weep for the mommy who might have loved me better…

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17 thoughts on “do rape survivors dream of electric grad school?

  1. When I finished this post I shouted, “Goddamn!” so I think it was marvelous, in the truest sense.
    While I could not write my name on the DSM-5, I feel you. Thanks always for writing what you should (while I seldom do.)

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  2. First, I tried really hard to read all of the titles in the pic, but I only recognized one: Trauma and Recovery. I have to wonder if it’s the best book in this collection! Also, I loved your additions in the post! Thank you for this.

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    1. Thanks!

      Trauma and Recovery is definitely on my “most favoritest books” list. Are you familiar with van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps the Score? Recent addition to the collection (orange spine, tiny title print!), and another I *highly* recommend!


  3. This entire reading list is way the f*&^ to spot-on. It makes me feel understood and solaced, while at the same time making me want to go set fire to several buildings.

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    1. Oh please do laugh! I had a hella good time writing this!
      I like my humor like I like my coffee: black. Very black. Onyx black. Stygian black. The blackest black of the blacks.

      And only then maybe some sugar… 🙂

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  4. By Philip K. Who-Now? Stunning post. And so true, that dysfunction is traceable back through generations. And that, knowing that someone who contributed to our brokenness did so because she was broken makes us sad for the hurt of the one who hurts us. ❤

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