First Apple

The story that started it all is not a woman’s disobedience, but a woman’s hunger. Generations of daughters cursed because of what one woman put in her mouth, chewed, swallowed.

“Do you really want to eat that?” my mother asks.

Love does not put down a plate only to insist that you abstain.

Love does not hold out scent, flavor, the crisp bite you can already feel sweetening against your tongue, and tell you: “Don’t eat.”

The prophets scribed hunger as women’s downfall, as if the first man controlled his own flesh perfectly. As if generations of sons do not feel their own unruly pang in the gut, their own insistent clanging ache and gnaw. As if hunger, and hunger’s denial, both come to us alone—our feminine birthright.

“Do you really want to eat that.”

I would take up space among the women who eat, yes. Yes, among the women who grow. Among the women who hunger, who claim needs, who plant their feet, who have mouths.

I am born a mouth.

I am born a hunger.

Lock me out your god’s gate, and I will break the fencing down. Insistent, clawing, gaping, ravenous—I will not knock. I will not ask. I will eat your gate and your lock and every wall you build, before taking your entire orchard of trees between my teeth and my jaws closing sharp.


[I think this piece will eventually make its way into being part of a larger collection—a “Hunger Chronicles,” perhaps? seems to be the direction much of my current writing is headed—but that remains yet to be confirmed.

And how are all of you, my lovelies? ~alice]

13 thoughts on “First Apple

  1. I saw the apple and quickly thought we were heading through a new fairy tale with a visit to Snow White! I always love those tales.
    I hope you keep this new idea going. I’m curious to see where you take it. You have the best way of giving nuance to words and I always find meaning in your writing.

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    1. Snow White, Paris & the Golden Apple, so many apple stories to choose from! I almost went the fairy tale route (and yet may…) — it’s good to hear they are enjoyable to read, as well as to write. 🙂


    2. oh, and Deb! if you wanna check out more pics of my new furry family members, take a look at the Instagram feed at the bottom of my blog page. I LURVE THEM SOOOO MUCHHHHH!!!

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      1. It delights me that you have some new furry friends in your life!! Looks as if someone may need some limits on their TV watching time though. Don’t let that get out of hand 🙂

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        1. The new castle is currently occupying faaaaar more of her time, no worries! That, and eating poached chicken left cooling in a cauldron in the kitchen sink. :/

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  2. Random synapse generated in Jenny’s brain. I read an article a while back that said roughly this: Today we have the stereotypes of men being the ones with almost-uncontrollable sexual drives. But in fact, this is a relatively recent development. The stereotype in the Middle Ages, though, was that women were the ones with insatiable sexual appetites, and men had to be protected from them. I think it was your para starting “The prophets scribed…” that caused my brain to make the jump.

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