Where will you be at 5:30 tonight?

Rallies are being held across the country, on this eave of the House’s impeachment vote, to call on Congress to uphold their oaths and to impeach and remove the narcissistic thug who has turned our political system into a multi-national criminal enterprise.

Organized by MoveOn.org and local activists, these “Nobody Is Above the Law” events provide us all with an opportunity to take a public stand and make our position on this critical issue unmistakably visible. (To find a rally near you.)

Unsure what difference public protest can make? SHOW UP. Convinced that the fix is already in, in the Senate? SHOW UP. Feeling defeated after enduring the last three years of this sh*t? GODSDAMN SHOW UP.

Turning public opinion includes turning our own opinions.

Convincing others that their voices matter starts with convincing ourselves that our own voices do still matter.

Constant resistance is a hard, often demoralizing posture to hold, day after day. Calls to elected officials can feel like a lonely, all-by-myself process. But. We. Are. The Majority. We have laws, and the Constitution, and diversity, and need, and fricking RIGHTEOUSNESS on our side.

Come stand with me today.

I promise I’ll be standing with you, too.

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