these fckers

Let there be no question where I–and all patriotic USians–stand today.

Or what we demand.

And ultimately (skipping over a few intermediate steps):

13 thoughts on “these fckers

    1. Best info publicly available right now suggests intent and coordination, at very high levels, made the breach possible. I never discount incompetence as a possibility, of course (especially with the current administration), but we’ve got plenty of folks – from top officials and political appointees to rank-and-file police to members of Congress themselves – who either wanted this to happen or didn’t care particularly about stopping it. Wannabe fascists, white supremacists, domestic terrorist “militias,” religious extremists excited by the prospect of an immanent second coming (current VP himself is one of these evil mf’ers), and QAnon conspiracy believers/cult members genuinely convinced that the rest of us eat babies and take orders from lizardpeople and I don’t know what all….

      Scary times.

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      1. I had someone on facebook tell me that I obviously took orders from Lizard people two weeks ago. I had pointed out (in a science group) that the Earth wasn’t flat. According to her, the idea of a 3D planet is all a federal govt conspiracy. (Where DO these people come from??) She shut up and stopped trolling me when I said that I’m not American.

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        1. She accused me of false faith and stated that the science proved the Earth was flat. When I said that I’m an astronomer and I could show her data that proves the Earth is a flattened sphere, she reported me to FB for bullying/hate speech, and my comment was deleted!

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