About Alice

neck tat

In May 2012, a woman stops. Already retreated almost to the beginning of herself, she thinks: “Only death could be more silent.”

It is not the first time the careful construction of her days has collapsed. Her life resembles a too-often-rebuilt bridge still resonating at the frequency of past traumas as yet unacknowledged. Always she forges a new prosthetic self, a new stuttering engine of dreams and hope to propel her mind forward another year (or, if she’s lucky, a few) before her life crumbles once again.

She is tired of masquerades. She decides to find her own self instead.

This blog records her journey back into voice.

Into my voice.

* * * * *

I quest for words that will stay where I put them and do what I tell them.

I find the labor strange. Often the language I uncover speaks me into bigger bones and fuller throat than I at first imagined.

Some of the words conceal as much as they reveal: rape, emotional abuse, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, dissociation, ptsd. Do you know me any better, if I tell you these are labels for what I discuss here?

I imagine architects for the Tower of Babel using such labels as I-beams and girders, deluded into the conviction that their definitions would hold solid enough to raise a human structure to the heavens.

* * * * *

We are made—all of us—from mud and transcendence.

I celebrate this kinship.

caapb narrow

* * * * *

Curious what you’ll encounter if you follow along? I write personal explorations into the irrepressible nature of traumatic events and the liminal powers of a red dress. And poems in which ancient kings snore. And social commentaries in which I get to pick my angry teeth with a rasp.

My favorite metaphor to-date is the Zombie Princess.

* * * * *

(Still curious? 13 more insights into me.)

(Still curiouser? A chronology of my story as I’ve told it so far.)

* * * * *

Welcome. Stay awhile, if you choose. Say hello.

And if you too write, please invite me to find you there.

Best wishes,
alice isak


Facebook: E Alice Isak

Twitter: @alicesfolly

Email: coffeeandablankpage (at) gmail

26 thoughts on “About Alice

  1. Hi Alice. I cried when I read your ‘about’ – and I can’t help but think we need more of the ‘Alice’ people in the world so we can become all we can be. I am also ashamed. Why? At uni, I wrote a piece about incest and rap – it was published. I was asked not to speak at the launch. Told not to mention the story (my author name was ‘amended’). I am ashamed that I acceded. I would not do that now, because I hold some of your courage in my words. I will not let myself feel shame again – unless I am the one doing the repressing, the hurting, the bullying, the physical, social, and psychic raping of the person or people I deal with.
    Thank you.

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    1. I am sorry to hear that you felt pressured into giving away your voice. Owning our own truths, however painful — and feeling free to speak or not speak them, as we choose — is an important aspect of our humanity. And shame only serves to make each of us feel smaller than we truly are.

      Thank you for reading, and for your comment.


    2. dear cage dunn, I want you to know — now that I’ve interacted with your writing on numerous occasions — the words you speak are beautiful and strong. As are you.
      best, alice

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      1. Oh, Alice, you are my vision of a woman of wonder, and I thank you for the words that bring brightness to so many (including me). Once again, thank you – for being you, and for sharing yourself with the rest of us mere mortals!

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        1. OMG – have I still got one of those things? Do people expect them to be worn still? Oh, yes! Of course; if I go out and want to be seen as a ‘normal’ I have to wear a bra – but I can’t find it! [ vision here of imaginary stream where woman chucks clothes from cupboard up into the air until all the drawers are empty and clothing is all over everything else – lights, fan, chairs, bed, doors, etc.]
          It looks like you just might have to be a hero to someone [or a few someones].

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  2. Finally made it to the about page, now I can move through your old posts as I would like to know more about what makes you, you. Also- if you typically make things such as the rustic tart pictured above, please start a food blog. I would read it.

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    1. For now it’s probably best I keep the writing and the cooking separate, lest I keep interrupting descriptions of lime curd tarts and stuffed squash with loud thoughts on sex and violence. 😉 I hope you enjoy the “moving through”!


      1. Alice, I began with your first post on this blog, and even without looking at the dates and number of posts in the early days it was clear you were just starting to find your voice, and I think yourself as well.
        BAM, the change in your words come April was profound and for now I am on hold, attempting to try to understand (which isn’t the right word but I lack a good enough word right now) the life of a woman who has lived in hell and who is showing me and those who read her words, just how capable and strong she really is.
        I owe you my thanks for reaching out to my blog based on one inconsequential post, and for being courageous in sharing your journey.


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