Myths & Fairy Tales Project

The links below form part of an ongoing project that I am working on in collaboration with another writer and playwright, in which we are exploring ways to use the motifs and storytelling rhythms of both myths & fairy tales as an approach to addressing and healing from trauma, especially sexual violence.

Fairy Tales

“Tell me instead a bedtime story about the children who save themselves.” (OUAT)



Snow White
“Wanna bite? the old woman asked / holding out her cherry-red confection”

“I lost my father too, y’know.”
[the villainess series]

The Little Mermaid
“the sea-witch rummages between her cartilaginous breasts”
[the villainess series]

Beauty and the Beast
“Next time I’ll…burn your ballroom into ash.”
[the villainess series]

Wizard of Oz
“They say I am the color of envy.”
[the villainess series]

Snow White
“The fuck they mean / ‘fairest of them all’?”
[the villainess series]

Little Match Girl
“strategic as an arsonist”

Sleeping Beauty
“Witnesses disagree what happened next…”



“First things first. I was born a shapeshifter.”

Even a feral child is not a child forever.

The Writer Dreams of Rivers
“When I look back for the ruby, it is already gone.”

“Witches get a bad rap.”

“The wolf is a lie.”

Once Upon A Time
a self-portrait in potentia

Safe Words
“Snow White didn’t put herself into that glass coffin.”

♦ ♦ ♦

Greek Mythology

“A hero needs women, if he is to be greater than just a man.” (This marble…)

cassandra_by maxklinger


“Who has ever ascended unscathed from the Underworld?”

Cassandra (#2)
“The Prophet Cassandra Arrives Late to the Dinner Table”

Oracle of Delphi
“the truth lying, as it always does, somewhere between /
frenzied gibberish and enigmatic prophecy”

Athena (#1)
“Athena Talks to Her Therapist about Zeus”

Athena (#2)
“After Olympus finally fell into disrepair and myth…”

Eurydice and Persephone
“Striking how in myth, it’s always accidents / sending women to hell…”

Telemachus’s Sister
[imagined character from The Odyssey]

Cassandra (#1)
“Cassandra Smokes in Bed”


Now turns the fallow earth in grief and also light.
What about Persephone?

The Writer Dreams of Rivers
“To taste from the River Lethe was to drink loss…”

This marble column, gleaming
“Losing one’s body is a gradual process.”

# # #

[Images: “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” by Dave Huth is licensed under CC by 2.0. “Bust of Cassandra” by Max Klinger, c. 1895, Hamburger Kunsthalle via]