Myths & Fairy Tales Project

The links below form part of an ongoing project that I am working on in collaboration with another writer and playwright, in which we are exploring ways to use the motifs and storytelling rhythms of both myths & fairy tales as an approach to addressing and healing from trauma, especially sexual violence.

Fairy Tales

“Tell me instead a bedtime story about the children who save themselves.” (OUAT)



The Little Mermaid
“the sea-witch rummages between her cartilaginous breasts”
[the villainess series]

Beauty and the Beast
“Next time I’ll…burn your ballroom into ash.”
[the villainess series]

Wizard of Oz
“They say I am the color of envy.”
[the villainess series]

Snow White
“The fuck they mean / ‘fairest of them all’?”
[the villainess series]

Little Match Girl
“strategic as an arsonist”

Sleeping Beauty
“Witnesses disagree what happened next…”


Creative Nonfiction:

The Writer Dreams of Rivers
“When I look back for the ruby, it is already gone.”

“Witches get a bad rap.”

“The wolf is a lie.”

Once Upon A Time
a self-portrait in potentia

Safe Words
“Snow White didn’t put herself into that glass coffin.”

♦ ♦ ♦

Greek Mythology

“A hero needs women, if he is to be greater than just a man.” (This marble…)

cassandra_by maxklinger


Cassandra (#2)
“The Prophet Cassandra Arrives Late to the Dinner Table”

Oracle of Delphi
“the truth lying, as it always does, somewhere between /
frenzied gibberish and enigmatic prophecy”

Athena (#1)
“Athena Talks to Her Therapist about Zeus”

Athena (#2)
“After Olympus finally fell into disrepair and myth…”

Eurydice and Persephone
“Striking how in myth, it’s always accidents / sending women to hell…”

Telemachus’s Sister
[imagined character from The Odyssey]

Cassandra (#1)
“Cassandra Smokes in Bed”

Creative Nonfiction:

The Writer Dreams of Rivers
“To taste from the River Lethe was to drink loss…”

This marble column, gleaming
“Losing one’s body is a gradual process.”

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[Images:  “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” by Dave Huth is licensed under CC by 2.0. “Bust of Cassandra” by Max Klinger, c. 1895, Hamburger Kunsthalle via]