Brief Political PSA Regarding the Inadequacy of GOP Responses to Most Recent Evidence that their Presidential Candidate Gleefully Engages in Sexual Assault

Quick reminder:

We as a society are no better served by benevolent sexism than by overt misogyny.

[Relevant background, for any who may have missed and wished to view the latest “bombshell” evidence that the Republican candidate for President—a serial adulterer who raped his first wife, stands accused of raping a 13yo girl, and sexually harassed scores of women employees, in addition to those he outright assaulted—is less politician, more rapey, racist, bigoted mass of sexist pond scum. NB: while the video clip released by WaPo does contain “vulgar language,” far more problematic is the sexual violence Tromp (sic) describes and enthuses over.]



GOP Leadership?

Take note:

I have no more interest in being “championed and revered” by my government than I have in being crotch-grabbed by it. [1]

“Hitting on a married woman” is not on par with sexual assault, not even close—a point easy to miss if your primary concern is with insults to “our wives and daughters” rather than to half the American citizenry. [2]

And when you express your concern as “No woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner”—then spend the rest of your weekend huddled in presidential debate-prep with the man who so described us—you confirm that window-dressing matters to you more than substance. That you are willing to see me as a p***y to be grabbed, just so long as that p***y-grab is not talked about. [3]

In sum:
Do not revere us.
Do not pretend to own us.
Do not clean up your language in our presence.

Just stop pretending you are not an equal sh!tstain on our polity to your man who would be king.

To borrow the words of Jessica Valenti:



[1] Thanks but no thanks, Paul Ryan.

[2] Swing and a miss there, Mitt Romney.

[3] Awww. The feeling of disdain is mutual, Reince!

Alice Writes An Angry Letter

Dear Random Man on the Street Who Kept Talking to Me Until I Finally Looked at Him,

Thanks so much for picking me out of a crowded sidewalk of people to talk to. I was moved, almost really!

I mean, it sounded like you recognized me from somewhere, with all that babbling “hey, how are you, hey sweetheart, how you been doing.” As if you wanted to check in on what’s been up with me since the last time we talked.

Or rather, since the last time you talked to any totally random woman on the street. Because one thing I’m sure we agree on: who I am beyond “woman” doesn’t matter in this interaction.

In case you were wondering: no, I didn’t think you were dangerous (unless it turned out you were). And no, I didn’t you were going to follow me (unless it turned out you did). And no, I didn’t feel sexually objectified by our encounter (unless we’re gonna count the fact that it is men—always and only—who make this kind of you-owe-me-your-attention-cuz-I-called-you-sweetheart move on women. Also always and only).

You say you wanna know how I’m doing?

So glad you asked! Continue reading “Alice Writes An Angry Letter”

The Week That Was

This is the week that was that never should have been:

A judge in Canada decided Jian Ghomeshi was not guilty on all counts — and also that it’s high time society got over this wacky stereotype of rape victims as generally being NOT lying liars who lie.

Republican legislators in North Carolina decided that society’s central problem was too little shaming of people for their genitals and too much legal protecting of vulnerable minority populations.

A New York court decided that while cops can technically be held accountable for killing random and unarmed Black people, that only applies in cases where 1) the cop is not white and 2) the Black person still gets no justice.

A County Recorder in Arizona decided that voters themselves were at fault for the unconscionably long lines at polling stations on Tuesday — though she accepted “full responsibility” for telling them so.

And so, with all that in mind, allow me to invite you to greet the weekend by singing along with me and Katie Goodman:

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I Stand with Planned Parenthood


This is some major bullshit.

This is some major misogynistic, woman-hating, femme-hating, people-with-uteruses-hating, poor-people-hating, body-hating, science-hating, health-hating, sex-hating, pleasure-hating, family-hating, love-hating, life-hating, liberation-hating bullshit. 

And I am out of words to express my outrage and contempt.

So I’ma let Cameron Esposito handle business for me today. You’re welcome.

[Featured image via. ]

Tomato, To-MAH-to


Or, to modify the expression: “You say ‘bold’ — I say ‘milquetoast banality’.

“You” in this case refers to Tom McKay and/or his editor over at, who just published an article about Hillary Clinton’s speech yesterday under the click-baity title:

In One Quote, Hillary Clinton Just Took a Bold Stance on Race in America

Let me spare you the trouble of clicking through. According to the article^, Clinton’s so-called “bold stance” consisted of saying the following:

…our problem is not all kooks and Klansmen, it’s also the cruel joke that goes unchallenged. It’s the offhand comment about not wanting ‘that kind of person’ in the neighborhood.

Dunno how bold that sounds to you? seems quite pleased — they superimposed the quote over an image of Clinton’s face and everything.

To me. . . well, I’ma let Captain Janeway express my thoughts on the leadership contained therein:

eye roll captain janeway
Starfleet is not impressed.

Only in a political atmosphere where not one GOP candidate would at first acknowledge that the killings at Mother Emanuel were racially motivated (the stand-out copouts for me were Santorum calling it an assault on the “religious liberty” of Christians, Rand Paul blathering about people’s misunderstanding of “salvation,” and Huckabee declaring today that the government-sanctioned flying of a traitor nation’s Confederate flag in 2015 is “not an issue” worthy of comment by presidential candidates) — I repeat: ONLY in such cowardly and deceitful company can one deem “bold” the obvious truth that many individual racists exist who would never think of slaughtering a bible study group.  Continue reading “Tomato, To-MAH-to”

And no — I won’t be pledging allegiance to your bra, either.

hope you like feminists

Dear Producers of the Marketing Campaign for Playtex TruSupport Bras:

I have a bone to pick with you.

In fact, let’s call it a whalebone to pick, since you are so fond of punning.

It’s about that video ad series you did a few years ago — the one that gets run every summer, and always just in time for the 4th of July.

Ring a bell? No?

You must not watch much Internet tv. This thing’s been on so much rotation with every show I watch, I can almost recite it from memory.

But here, let me jog yours:


All bras are not created equal. And all women are not the same. We should all be endowed with certain rights. Some of us are more endowed than others. The right to a gorgeous TruSupport bra….

We declare our independence — from frilly bras that don’t work. And bras that work, but aren’t pretty. Hello?!

Playtex. Be uniquely you.

Pursuit of happiness? Check.

Look, I get it. The word “endowed” is kinda old-fashioned and fuddy-duddied — and today, most commonly functions as a reference to women and their breasts. Women like me, with our B.O.U.S.’s [Boobs of Unusual Size].

Well, not exactly like me, since I am also an entire Person of Size — and middle-aged, to boot — unlike the thin, hourglass-shaped young women in your ad. (We do all have whiteness in common, though, with the exception of your one, very light-skinned black actress. But let’s come back to that.)

This ad makes you seem like the kid in my 10th grade class who, when his turn came to read aloud, always put a drawn-out emphasis on every word that had the slightest sexual connotation. (And many words that didn’t, which made us all wonder about the education he was receiving at home.) I can still hear him reading: “Balanced on the narrow ledge, the man pulled himself EEEEEEE-RECT.”

It was super-annoying, coming from an immature kid whose idea of courtship hadn’t yet progressed past the “oooh! you have TITTIES, har har!” stage.

Pro-tip: “Equal rights, schmequal right — just gimme a pretty bra!” is perhaps not the best approach for an ad. Unless you meant to make me think of anti-suffrage postcards?? (via)

It’s even more annoying when it comes from a massive, international conglomerate, which clearly thinks the way to court my dollars is by cooing “oooh! some of the PATRIOTS have TITTIES, har har!”

Here’s the thing: my rights are not dependent on my body. My citizenship neither starts nor stops with my mammary glands, nor my ability to embody certain racialized and/or cis-heteronormative standards of female attractiveness. 

I am not an after-thought member of the polity.

Except when I am. 

And that’s the super-SUPER annoying aspect of your ad: it reminds me just how often women are still seen that way.

In fact, here are just few of the less enticing facts I am reminded of by your “who wants full equity when we can just play with own own knockers all day, amirite ladieez?!” advertisement:  Continue reading “And no — I won’t be pledging allegiance to your bra, either.”