Sick of Pink

I have reached the point of pink ribbon fatigue to the point of anger. My Pinterest feed is filled to overflowing with images of breast cancer tchotchkes: pink and beribboned images, with butterflies and flowery fonts, and gimmicky faux-empowerment statements like “To Do: Kick cancer’s ass!” But this t-shirt–“I have an angel watching over me. I call her Grandma! [pink ribbon]”– I just can’t take it any more. Seriously, what is the message of this shirt supposed to be? “Hey kid! Buy and wear our cutesy t-shirt and we’ll donate 5 cents so maybe you won’t die of what killed Grandma too!“??

Available via Cafe Press!
Get your very own “Boobies killed Grandma but that’s okay cuz now she’s an ANGEL!” tee today! Available via Cafe Press

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