When I grow up…

…I can only hope to be as give-no-fcuks awesome as I was at age 10.

And while the facepaint screams “hippy-dippy lovechild”-meets-“gradeschooler’s idea of an Indian”-meets-“Gramma Ruth’s leftover lipsticks” to me today,

nov 1980
Social Justice Warrior-in-the-making

I’m still convinced that’s as reasonable a use for pantyhose as any my adult self has ever tried.

* * *

What about you?
At what age were you most fearless?


Yesterday was my birthday, and I decided to throw myself a party. A less-than-fully-typical type of birthday party.

A virtual party.

(What the invite would have looked like, if I had used evite and not plain ol' email. Maybe next year.)
(What the invite would have looked like, if I had used evite and not plain ol’ email. Maybe next year.)

The invitation read:

bday invite_2

A virtual party liberated me from the limitations of traditional bricks-n-mortar style parties — namely, time and space. I invited people from all over the country, and some from outside the country. I invited not just the folks who play active roles in my life today*. The invitation extended to people whom I knew in high school, college, or grad school. At old jobs. In old cities. People whom I know casually now but might like to know better. People whom I admire but interact with only on social media.

I’m sure I sent it to some people who don’t remember me, or at least not the way I remember them. I am sure others were just generally surprised I contacted them. Some of those people participated anyway. And many people — whether we’re close friends now or not — told me that just the process of thinking about what brought them “joy” came with its own form of happiness.

I couldn’t have hoped for anything better.  Continue reading “BEST. BIRTHDAY. PARTY. EVER.”

Overwhelming Underwear, and other moments of gratitude

Going through some old files recently, I came across a stash of letters from me to my grandparents. It appears my Gram saved everything I wrote her.

It also appears that my mother struggled to make me write thank-you notes as a kid.

Gift Appreciation, Mad Libs-style
gift appreciation, Mad Libs-style

[Dear ___Grandma & Grandpa___,

Thank you so much for the __underwear & belt___. __They are___ absolutely __overwhelming__.

I had a wonderful Christmas and hope you had the same. I wish you the very best new year and hope it is as good as the last was.

Lots of love,


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